There was a false start amongst the ranks, with the Gimblett Gravels Chardonnay coming in over 15 days before the harvest really kicked off. This Friday will be the date we mark in our calendars as the official #NZV2017 (New Zealand Vintage 2017) starting date at Craggy Range.

The hand picking crews selected the very best bunches of Chardonnay from block 19 on Monday 6th March and now they are already pressed off and sitting comfortably, bubbling away in French Oak barrels.

This Friday, the teams will be harvesting the Chardonnay at our Kidnappers Vineyard in Te Awanga. Being closer to the coast means that the prevailing sea winds kept the temperature a little cooler and the ripening of the Chardonnay at Gimblett Gravels took its time a little more.