Dedicated to our land and people

Craggy Range has been founded on the aspiration to create a family legacy held in a 1,000 year trust. In order to achieve this, maintaining a sustainable business model is at the heart of what we do; allowing us to support the needs of today whilst providing for the future; economically, socially and environmentally.

With such long-term vision, supporting our local and national economy is a very important part of being a sustainable business. To ensure we can provide local people with jobs, and our nation with a world class wine to export, it’s necessary to reinvest to keep up to date with the latest technology. With smarter equipment we can also reduce our energy usage, and reinvest these savings in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the business.

Our surroundings are something we cherish, and which we wish to safeguard and preserve. As a company looking to be world class at every level, we feel it is important to demonstrate kaitiakitanga within our values. We therefore make continuous efforts to implement eco-friendly practices across our site including waste reduction, recycling, reduction in plastic products, as well as reducing our energy usage. We also offset our carbon emissions by planting native flora around our site, increasing habitats for wildlife as well as promoting pollination opportunities for local bees.

We endeavour to engage with each and every visitor that comes to Craggy Range; whether that is for dinner or a tasting, staying with us in our accommodation, or simply having a walk around the site. With a huge amount to offer, we look to encourage our guests to come back and experience something different every time. With this, we can create relationships with our customers who can trust our brand and feel part of the Craggy Range family and legacy.

Craggy Range would not be quite the same without our local community and their support. As such, we feel it is important that we can give back and support our community in return. We pride ourselves on building strong connections with local businesses and suppliers for our restaurant and accommodation. Embracing manaakitanga, we also look to give back to the community in other ways including donations for fundraisers and charities, as well as investing into our local landscapes to restore native flora.