Avery Vineyard

Avery Road, Marlborough

41° 30' 2.9"S
173° 54' 35.0"E

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A classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc vineyard

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Avery Vineyard, Marlborough

Our Avery Vineyard is located in one of the warmest locations in Marlborough, being some 15km from the sea it is away from the coolest of the sea breezes, and the relatively low elevation contributes to increased warmth, particularly at night. The combination produces grapes with great complexity and flavours in the red currant, lime, citrus blossom and passionfruit spectrum rather than the distinctive herbaceous/grapefruit notes typical of most Marlborough wines. 

This is a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, being located on some of the older stony soil types. We first made the Avery Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc in 2001 and since that vintage has produced a series of distinctive wines, each having a unique waxy lanolin-like texture. The vines were planted in 1992/93 by Richard and Linda Avery and are now reaching maturity.

We refer to Marlborough as a “warm-cool” winegrowing climate simply because it is significantly warmer than the classic cool climate regions of Central Otago, Champagne and the Mosel and shares similar degree days to Burgundy, the Loire and Martinborough. The climate is more benign and less dramatic than Martinborough, with less damaging winds and warmer spring temperatures allowing vines to flourish here even in the stoniest soils.

The environment is sunny with more than 2200 sunshine hours on average. Even in this sunny environment however the cool sea breeze in the summer and autumn keeps maximum temperatures mostly below 30ºC, and with cool nights in the autumn, the grapes retain their natural acidity and relatively high potential alcohol, a combination that is a characteristic of the region.