Caring for the land is a personal statement

'We approach everything as naturally as possible.'

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Craggy Range views high-level sustainability issues as simply good farming or wine-making.

A formal sustainability policy has been in place since 2001, with the emphasis on issues that have a real and measureable significance.

All Craggy Range vineyards are certified and audited under the highest level of New Zealand Sustainable Winegrowing, the world’s leading sustainable wine production programme. This has significantly reduced many synthetic inputs over the last five years and also reduced both waste and water usage.

Composting at Gimblett Gravels Vineyard

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To make anything naturally, you have to be one heck of a scientist

Craggy Range operates a world-leading technology winery waste treatment system using biological systems to treat winery waste-water and return it directly to the land as irrigation water. An energy saving heat recovery system in the winery reduces electricity use by up to 30%. 

‘The main thing about Craggy Range is that we really care – we care about the land, the vines and the people who work for us and we can never not care because then we would not be able to hand it all down to the future generations in our family.’
~ Terry Peabody

Craggy Range’s winemaking philosophy operates on a ‘minimal additions’ policy that favours the use of naturally occurring yeast and bacteria before synthetics and discourages the use of many allowable additives because we wish for the wine to be real and natural. 

‘I always remember flying in for the first time. It was such a majestic landscape. The people have a very high standard of ethics – they take great care and have great respect for the land. Their views on sustainability are very enlightened. The work we are doing here with bio-dynamics is very interesting.’
~ Mary Peabody