A New World vigneron with an Old World philosophy

It is the simple philosophy of ‘footsteps in the vineyard’ that drives the modern winemaker

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When Craggy Range chooses its vineyards nothing is left to chance.

Minute variations in temperature are recorded and overlaid on a map where soil specialists record the subtle variations in soil. Row ends curve to match the soil type variation beneath. Special vines - often sourced from French vineyards - are planted in their own unique terroir and cared for by skilled workers. And the rocks, that others bury to make life easier, are carefully placed underneath the vines to provide reflection and heat for the developing grapes. Vines are managed in balance with their environment in a system of sustainable ecological viticulture that maximises natural input and controls anything synthetic. Every stage of the vine’s growth is measured and compared to ensure the vine is kept in balance and harmony with its age and environment.

No machine can make these intuitive decisions.

Technology is an integral part of these highly tuned and precise farming systems – however, it isn’t in charge. Pruning, removal of excess shoots and foliage, thinning, and arranging developing shoots into supporting wires are all done by hand.

Two vineyards - Gimblett Gravels and Te Muna Road - are the jewels in the Craggy Range crown.