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Terrôir in your kitchen

Leyton shares his secrets so you can recreate Terrôir-inspired dishes in your kitchen.

Perfectly complemented by a glass of 2014 Craggy Range Rosé, Gimblett Gravels Vineyard, Hawke’s Bay

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Salmon ceviche with avocado, crispy onions, tomato salsa

Leyton shares one of his favourite summer recipes using fresh King Ōra Salmon. 


Makes: 6 entrée sized portions 

2 chillis, deseeded & finely diced 
1 handful fresh coriander, chopped 
1/4 red onion, finely diced 
Fish sauce to taste 
50ml extra virgin olive oil 
400g boned fresh Ōra King salmon fillet, diced 

Divide diced salmon into 6 portions. Mix remaining ingreidents together. Add salmon to marinade 10 minutes before serving. 

3 ripe avocados
Lime juice
Fish sauce
Tabasco sauce
Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper  

Dice avocados and blend in a food processor with the remaining ingredients to taste. Tip: add the Tabasco and fish sauce a little at a time as both are strong flavoured. 

1 whole oinion 
2 tbsp fresh parsley 
2 tbsp mint
2 tbsp coriander leaves 
Icing sugar

Slice oinion thinly into rings - pat dry with paper towel. Deep fry in a little oil until golden brown and crispy. Season with salt and icing sugar. Mix in fresh herbs. 

3 tomatoes, peeled and diced
1/4 red onion, diced 
1 bunch of coriander leaves, chopped 
1 chilli, deseeded and finely diced 
Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper 

Combine all ingredients and add the salt and pepper to taste. 

TO SERVE: Half fill an 8 cm biscuit cutter with the avocado mixture and arrange diced salmon on top. Remove ring, Garnish with crispy onions and arrange tomato salsa around the plate with a drizzle of olive oil. Garnish with fresh herbs such as coriander. 

Pair with a glass of either the 2014 Gimblett Gravels Rosé or 2013 Kidnappers Vineyard Chardonnay